April 5, 2016

Healthgenie BP Monitor- Review

Now a days, every person has a stress life and so usually the blood pressure can be fluctuated, which  just depends upon its level either its systolic or diastolic. Therefore everyone must have a blood pressure monitor at home, so that the accurate level of blood pressure easily can be measured at home than to visit a doctor and can be more conscious about health accordingly.

There are various Blood Pressure Monitors are available that you can get easily in the market or at online healthcare store. Some of them are

below mentioned which are best in the market with good price:
  • Omron BP HEM-7120-IN
  • Vital Automatic Digital BP Monitor LD-578
  • Niscomed Digital PW-213 BP Monitor
  • Healthgenie Blood Pressure Monitor Upper Arm
  • Rossmax Wrist Digital BP Monitor S150

Though all the brands mentioned above are the best in industry. But I would recommend to go through with the HealthGenie BP Monitor. It shows you an accurate reading on it's 46.4×62.7 mm LCD display using oscillometric technology.  It's small in size and portable designed which can be easily carried anywhere.

How to use BP Monitor

It works in such a manner that it detects blood flow across the artery and coverts the flow into digital reading. This monitor has a great accuracy and consistent results with zero digital errors. Watch below the video it's feature and use:

Why HealthGenie BP Monitor is best?

This BP Monitor has a voice output which helps the blind and visually impaired to make health checks independently. Its dual check system for accuracy and cuff wrap guide for proper positioning, advanced average function and memory storage of 100 readings per person this brand is totally worth its price.

To get more and better information, click here on HealthGenie BP Monitor.

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