January 21, 2016

Foods to eat during menstruation

During 2-7 petulant days of the month, a woman loses approximately 20-60 milliliters of the blood from her body.  Therefore follow these foods to get healthy menstruation and maintain the level of the nutrients lost during the periods:

January 12, 2016

Stop meat-eating & be a human-being

Why do people like slaughtering of innocent animals? Why do they subject themselves to an unintentional suicide by consuming meat?

Vegetarians are like Martians for a hard core meat-eaters and for a hard core vegetarians, meat eaters are that bunch of people who lack morals. Even if the religious point of view is set aside eating meat is harmful according to the principles of physiology and health. Anthropologists say that the structures of the bodies of carnivorous and Herbivorous animals differ greatly from each other. Man's body is that of a herbivorous animal. Hence, eating meat causes such reasons like: