January 12, 2016

Stop meat-eating & be a human-being

Why do people like slaughtering of innocent animals? Why do they subject themselves to an unintentional suicide by consuming meat?

Vegetarians are like Martians for a hard core meat-eaters and for a hard core vegetarians, meat eaters are that bunch of people who lack morals. Even if the religious point of view is set aside eating meat is harmful according to the principles of physiology and health. Anthropologists say that the structures of the bodies of carnivorous and Herbivorous animals differ greatly from each other. Man's body is that of a herbivorous animal. Hence, eating meat causes such reasons like:
Health Reasons:
  • Lower risk of cancer. Vegetarians are less likely to get cancer by 25 to 50 percent.
  • Lower risk of heart disease. Vegetarian diet reduces cholesterol.
  • Lower risk of osteoporosis. Too much protein in our diet causes loss of bone calcium. Meat eaters generally get far more protein than they need or can use.
  • Lower risk of kidney and gallstones. The calcium leached from the bones by the body's efforts to neutralize the acids produce by too much protein intake can end up forming kidney stones and gall stones.
  • Factory farmed animals carry disease. According to the FDA poultry is the number one source of food-borne illness. Despite the heavy use of pesticides and antibiotics, up to 60% percent of chickens sold at the supermarket are infected with live salmonella bacteria. Approximately 30% of all pork products are contaminated with toxoplasmosis. We are increasingly at risk from highly contagious diseases like Mad Cow Disease and Foot and Mouth disease in sheep and cattle.
  • Factory-farmed animals contain toxic chemicals. Meat contains accumulations of pesticides and other chemicals up to 14 times more concentrated than those in plant foods. Half of all antibiotics used in the U.S. are used in farm animals and 90% of those are not used to treat infections but are instead used as growth promoters.
Environmental Reasons:
  • Inefficient use of agriculture. 70% of grain production is used to feed farm animals. The grains and soybeans fed to animals to produce the amount of meat consumed by the average in one year could feed seven people for the same period.
  • Inefficient use of water. It takes 2640 gallons of water to produce one pound of edible beef. The water used to raise animals for food is more than half the water used.
  • Inefficient use of energy.
Calories of fossil fuel needed to produce 1 calorie of protein in beef: 28.
Calories of fossil fuel needed to produce 1 calorie of protein in soybeans: 2.
  • Environmental Pollution. Raising animals for food is the biggest polluter of our water and topsoil. Factory farm animal waste pollutes the ground and groundwater horribly.
  • Destruction of natural habitat. It takes more land to raise animals for food than it does to produce the equivalent nutritional value by raising edible plants. Rain forests are being destroyed to make room for huge cattle ranches. Coyotes and other animals are poisoned and shot by western cattle ranchers who consider federal land to be their land for grazing.
Animal Rights Reasons:
  • Animals on factory farms are over-crowded. They spend their brief lives in crowded and ammonia-filled conditions, many of them so cramped that they can't even turn around or spread a wing.
  • Animals on factory farms are tortured. Within days of birth, for example, chickens have their beaks seared off with a hot blade. Animals are hung upside down and their throats are sliced open, often while they're fully conscious.
  • Animals on factory farms are treated like machines. They are pumped up with drugs, fed their own waste and forced to grow or produce as fast as possible. They are subjected to 24-hour artificial lighting while being crammed into tiny cages one on top of the other to make it easier to harvest.
  • We don't need to eat animals! Most of us in the U.S. don't eat animals because we must in order to survive. We eat them because we want to. We are subjecting animals to torture, damaging the environment unnecessarily and subjecting ourselves to greater risk of disease just to satisfy a desire, not a need.
I think you must need to watch this facebook video through which you can feel the actual pain of those innocent animals that are being slaughtered every day.
A worldwide trend of more and more people crossing over and becoming vegetarians.
The vegetarian food contains more of fibrous tissue and so food gets easily digested and helps the stomach to remain smooth Since non-vegetarian food contains less of fibrous matter it may cause and increase many ailments of the digestive system and even the occurrence of cancer of the large intestine is not unlikely.

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