September 11, 2015

8 Tips To Apply Green Tea On Your Face

Drinking green tea benefits not only for our health but also for our skin. You need to think twice before to discard the used green tea bags because this little packed tea bags works wonder for your skin. Applying green tea on your face keeps your face out of acne. It has antioxidants that helps your skin appear brighter and flawless. 
There are so many best ways to apply green tea on your face. Below some following ways are mentioned that you can apply any of them:

September 8, 2015

Metformin For Diabetes With It's Side Effects

Metformin is a very old, found 1920s to reduce blood sugar, but for the next couple of decades it was vanished due to research for another anti-diabetic drugs like insulin. When someone has metabolic syndrome in order to reduce the Type 2 diabetes with as well as reducing risk factors for cardiovascular disease, metformin is used as an oral anti-biotic drug for the diabetes treatment with a proper diet and other medications to control high blood sugar. 

Since this is not a substitute for professional medical advice, but if any of the side effects do occur, you may require to consult with your doctor immediately for medical attention. He will likely consider to your individual risk for Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease and then if he decides to start prescribing you metformin, you need to ask him about continuing to implement diet and some changes in exercise.