July 21, 2015

Unique Moves With Healthgenie Manual Treadmill

As it's been saying, "a little bit of walking means more blood flow to the brain..." Treadmill has become one of the most popular and a great piece of home cardio equipment exercise machine. It provides a simple, effective aerobic workout, which saves your time & makes your routine convenient, and also you can do so many more things with than just run or walk.

So, if you've been feeling like the treadmill is more of a dreadmill, must try these 4 unique non-traditional moves that will help you reinvigorate your workout on.

1. The sideways Shuffle: To challenge your balance, strength and your mind, try side stepping instead to work your hips, abs, inner and outer thighs, etc. It's easy to do. With your right hand on the rail in front of you and your left hand on the left railing, turn out to the left so that the left railing is now in front of your body.

2. Walk with your arms above your head: Now this one might look a bit odd, but it certainly works at getting your heart rate up and challenging you more than your usual walk! You might look a little funny, but bringing your arms up really raises your heart rate. speed walking with your arms overhead and/or moving your arms up and down throughout your session.

3. Upper-body strength training: The treadmill isn't just for working the lower body! It's easy to do dips and chest presses using the treadmill. To do tricep dips, stand as you normally would on the treadmill, then place your hands on the rails behind you, lean back onto your heels and bend your arms, pushing up returning to starting position. To do chest presses, use the hand rails to support you while you are doing push-ups.

4. Hike uphill & backwards: Walking backwards on the treadmill takes a little more concentration that you have to walk at a slower speed. And if you're not comfortable walking backwards then turn off the power, lean into the handlebar in the front of the treadmill and use your leg power to push the tread floor manually.

Although running on a manual treadmill doesn't mean exactly as natural running in outside, but it allows you to run on a consistent surface area without any hurdles. So... What kind of treadmill moves would you prefer the most?

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