July 14, 2015

How important is a Blood Glucose Meter for diabetes?

Diabetes has become a most common disease now a days. The more amount of glucose or sugar level builds, the more frequently this disease occurs in the body that can cause numerous health consequences.
blood glucose meter
When we take carbohydrates through the edible substances, our body  breaks it down and converts into glucose. The glucose is an essential  wellspring of vitality which is transported to body from the liver.  Diabetes is a metabolic disorder in which our body either doesn’t make  enough insulin, or doesn’t regulate the glucose properly.

What range of blood sugar should be in our body?
In our body, amount of sugar level broadly changes as it is sorted into  different kind. We need to consult our doctors or specialist to know  about the perfect glucose level range.

The sugar level stays between 90mg/dl to 100mg/dl in fasting or not eating for long 8 hours, while around 140mg/dl exists 2 hours of having diet. Essentially, it is viewed that beneath 60mg/dl the sugar level would never fall. Nonetheless, this amount is normal for a some people & around 90mg/dl is for others. 
For better understanding blood sugar levels are as follows:-
  • About 4 mmol/L or 72 mg/dl is a normal blood sugar level in humans.
  • Our body restores the range of around 90mg/dl to 100mg/dl when we have not taken food for long 8 hours.
  • But after 2 hours of eating our blood glucose level temporarily increases by 140mg/dl.
  • Type 1 or type 2 diabetic people’s blood sugar level stays 72mg/dl to 126mg/dl before eating & after eating, the level increases by 162mg/dl

What to do when diabetes strikes a patient?
When diabetes strikes a patient, he is recommended to seek some therapeutic test to analyze it appropriately, else it can be perilous. Although it is important to consult the specialists too about this and take the medications after prescribed by them. But most of the people cannot afford to take care of themselves from this disorders because it's medication is too expensive.

There are so many best options available for diabetes management, through which we can restrict our diabetes problem to a great extent. Activities like losing weight via daily exercise, maintaining healthy & natural diet, timely taking diabetes medication, avoiding too much insulin (because insulin isn’t a cure for this disease, it’s a treatment) and most important is to stop drinking & smoking, if anyone does.

Another option is using device such as blood glucose monitor or blood glucose test strips, pedometer, accu check glucometer, lancing device, etc. through which we can check the sugar amount in our blood & take precautions accordingly.
The blood glucose monitor helps the diabetic patients to monitor & control their diabetes. Measuring your glucose amount on regular basis helps to deal with your diabetes & allows you to take some better precautions at your end like- having natural & healthy diet, losing weight, doing physical exercise, that changes your behavior modification & living styles. This accu-check works with auto coding technology which gives exact results within 0.5 seconds. It has a large display that is a perfect glucometer for self-monitoring of blood glucose level by type 1 and 2 diabetic patients. Easy to use & comfortable for domestic use makes it the best with lifetime warranty.

Diabetes is a kind of disease that needs to be dealt with properly. But many diabetic people, don't feel any specific symptoms unless they experience a cardiovascular (or similar to hyperglycemia).

Following factors can be considered as cardiovascular:
  • Our blood glucose gets down below 65-60mg/dl that can harm us.
  • Symptoms like- sweating, headache, hunger, feeling tired, weakness, nervous, anxious, cranky, blurry & double vision, fast heartbeat, etc. are included when amount of glucose in the blood gets low.
  • Sometimes even without any of these aforementioned symptoms, it gets too low and if such a situation occurs then we might faint & get into coma.
  • Another risk factors like obesity, abnormal blood lipids, hyper-tensions, etc. are more likely the reason for kidney disease, nerve disease, retinal disease, sometimes even heart attack or fatal stroke also.
However, to control diabetes complications, blood glucose level needs to be properly controlled. If all these above mentioned things are taken care of, one would easily sail through even with a deadly disease as “diabetes”.

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